We have an historic opportunity to work together to bring an end to violence against girls and boys.


Ignite Philanthropy is a pooled donor fund that advances the work of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and sparks progress toward related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By maximizing philanthropy’s collective ability to take risks and act boldly, we can improve the lives of girls and boys everywhere.

Violence against girls and boys is a chronic global pandemic that afflicts 3 in 4 children each year. Yet violence is preventable, and by working in partnership to support evidence-based solutions, we can help end it. 

Ignite Philanthropy takes advantage of philanthropy’s unique role, flexibility, and ability to act quickly to empower partners and allies. Our priorities are to help build a robust Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, fueled by powerful grassroots voices, with a strong resource base.


As SDG implementation moves forward, there are historic openings for efforts to end violence against girls and boys. The SDGs offer a rare chance to energize international, regional, national, and local initiatives behind a universal mandate for action, resources, and results. Those efforts can now be informed by INSPIRE’s unprecedented scientific consensus around the drivers, consequences, and solutions to violence against children.

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Philanthropic foundations interested in helping to end violence against girls and boys are invited to becomes partners of Ignite Philanthropy. Download our Overview to learn more.