Out of the Shadows Advocacy Fund

Out of the Shadows: Shining a light on the response to child sexual abuse and exploitation is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) research programme supported by the World Childhood Foundation and the Oak Foundation with additional support from the Carlson Family Foundation. The 60-country benchmarking index examines how countries are responding to the threat of sexual violence against children. It explores the environment in which the issue occurs and is addressed; the degree to which a country’s legal framework provide protections for children from sexual violence; whether government commitment and capacity is being deployed to equip institutions and personnel to respond appropriately; and the engagement of industry, civil society and media in efforts to tackle the problem. The accompanying white paper focuses on the aspects of sexual violence against children that are critical to developing a better understanding of the issue, highlighting where progress is needed and identifying factors that can potentially drive change.

The Out of the Shadows Advocacy Fund” is supporting constituencies and organizations, both globally and in key countries, in their advocacy efforts to translate the Index and its country-specific recommendations into action.  Funding has been awarded to projects seeking to drive public discourse and action at the national, regional and global levels, building momentum around the findings of the Index and supporting countries to take the steps required to more effectively address child sexual abuse and exploitation. A total of US$1,260,000 has been made available within the Out of the Shadows Advocacy Fund for this purpose. Current supported projects are listed below:

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Delivering the out of the shadows Index and Key Insights on Preventing Sexual Violence against Children to a Global Policymaking Community.

Through sharing carefully curated materials on the Apolitical online peer to peer platform, the project will raise awareness among global public servants on the findings of the Index and the relevance of child sexual abuse and exploitation to their jobs. By showcasing the best of government and civil society actions globally, the project aims to inspire action by national policy makers to tackle child sexual abuse.

Funding Awarded: US$40k

Building Alliances Against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

Based on the findings and recommendation of the white paper, the project aims to garner the political will of policymakers in the Philippines to take action on collecting data for online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC). The project will also promote greater visibility and ethical coverage of OSEC in public discourse, through effective advocacy and engagement with the media.

Funding Awarded: US$100k

Ending impunity for sexual violence against children in Latin America

A regional advocacy campaign focused on Latin America to instigate legal reform to prevent and ensure accountability for sexual exploitation and abuse of children.

Funding Awarded: US$35k


Sexual Exploitation of Boys: Filling the Data Gap

ECPAT International will conduct forums with adult male survivors of child sexual exploitation in India and Turkey. These forums will focus on identifying the specific needs of boy victims of sexual exploitation, as well as gaps and good practices in the assistance provided to them. A methodology for National-level legal analysis will be developed to closely examine the protectiveness of laws for boy victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Funding Awarded: US$100k

Mobilising Community Voices for Global Change

Girls Not Brides will leverage a set of key global opportunities in the second half of 2019 to ensure that decision-makers from the development and human rights spheres recognise the importance of tackling child marriage as a form of violence against children. These global activities will be coupled with campaigning action across the Girls Not Brides membership.

Funding Awarded: US$69k

Bringing the out of the shadows index to the UK and around the world

A citizen-led campaign to raise the visibility of the Index and call for the UK to lead the way and convene other governments to prioritise the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Funding Awarded: US$100k


Accountability to End CSAE & OS in South Asia

SAIEVAC will lead four activities to be carried out between July-December 2019: 1) Opening 8th Governing Board Meeting to Strategic Observers 2) Formulate Benchmarks to monitor/measure implementation and promote accountability 3) Law Enforcement and Justice Systems Consultation 4) Raising Awareness through Social Media.

Funding Awarded: US$62k


SVRI Forum 2019: Time is Now!

SVRI Forum, on 21-25 October 2019 in Cape Town South Africa, will provide a space for up to 600 researchers, civil society, policy-makers, donors and activists opportunity to network and engage with experts in the field; build capacity and knowledge through workshops, presentations and mentoring programmes; extend understanding of what are effective, evidence informed response and prevention programmes; debate what it takes to scale these up; discuss how to measure and monitor the SDGs for prevention of VAW and VAC and take these learnings to strengthen future research, funding initiatives and response and prevention programmes.

Funding Awarded: US$60k

Advocacy Programme for Protecting Children in South Africa

This programme will train a range of state and non-state partners on children’s rights, social justice and on violence against children so as to set up child protection reporting mechanisms and monitoring and oversight structures on prevention and response to violence programmes.

Funding Awarded: US$100k

From commitment to action : cross-regional exchange of good practices  on legal framework and government capacity-building and commitment on child sexual abuse building on INSPIRE and the UN Model Strategies – towards reaching SDG 16.2

The expected outcome of this initiative is to increase knowledge about evidence-based policies and practices in the areas of legislation, policy-setting and response and support by the justice system to child sexual abuse and exploitation to policy-makers in selected Pathfinder countries. It is expected that this outcome indirectly leads to adoption of laws, policies and reform of institutions to better prevent and respond to sexual abuse and exploitation of children in these countries.

Funding Awarded: US$100k

Out of the Shadows: The WCC shining light on the response to CSA and exploitation, through members and partners

Building on the findings and recommendations of the white paper, the project will engage church communities and partners in target countries and globally, in translating the key findings into actions, aiming to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

Funding Awarded: US$82k

It takes a world to end sexual violence against children

World Vision aims to mobilise children and adults, citizens and policy makers, in five countries and at global level, to break the silence around CSA/CSE, realize that this problem can be solved, and identify concrete solutions that can be put in place immediately, at individual, community and/or policy level.

Funding Awarded: US$100k